Learning German in Hungary

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In Germany, you can pass an entire higher education course in English – without speaking a word of German. But of course, it is very interesting to learn the language of great writers like Goethe or philosophers like Kant. Plus, along with a language you always learn about a new culture, and if you speak some German, it is much easier to establish contacts with Germans and participate in life in Germany. We would like to introduce you to a few options for learning German in Hungary.

German courses at the Goethe-Institut

German is still one of the most important and most frequently taught foreign languages in Hungary, so you should have no trouble finding a language course. Apart from Hungarian language schools, the Goethe-Institut Budapest, the German cultural institute in Hungary, also offers language courses at all levels.

Information on courses at goethe.de (in Hungarian)

PASCH schools in Hungary

PASCH stands for the “Schools: Partners for the Future” programme. It is a network of more than 1,800 schools worldwide where learning German is given special priority. There are currently 41 PASCH schools in Hungary.

A list of PASCH schools in Hungary at pasch-net.de (in German)

Campaign Deutsch.Karriere.Erfolg.

On the initiative of the German, Austrian and Swiss embassies, a campaign was started in 2018. The aim of the campaign is to convince prospective learners that German skills represent a major competitive advantage and provide a host of scholarship, education and job opportunities.

Information on the project at deutsch-karriere-erfolg.com (in Hungarian)

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