Programme Description

Early-career scientists from all countries of origin and any subject carrying out further research work into the field of environmental protection at a higher-education institution in Germany are invited to apply for one of the 60 doctoral scholarships awarded each year. The programme's aim is to support young academics and build an interdisciplinary network of experts on the environment. To this end, the scholarships help finance doctoral theses which clearly address topical environmental issues and contribute to developing viable and sustainable solutions in this field. The concept of building support networks promotes active cooperation between the DBU and its alumni.

The scholarship amount is 1,500 EUR per month which are granted over a maximum period of 3 years. Additional benefits include a monthly lump sum of 210 EUR for material costs. Further contributions to material expenses are paid in exceptional cases, and fellows with children are granted additional support.

Target Group

highly qualified junior researchers carrying out doctoral theses which clearly address relevant environmental or nature protection issues and whose work contributes to developing solutions for these challenges

Academic Requirements

academics qualified for doctoral studies and with an above-average degree (overall grade good or very good; law: at least fully satisfactory)
The doctoral studies will take place at a German university and have not yet started. (A project that has been started is not eligible if applicants have scientifically dealt with the doctoral topic for more than 1 year since graduating from university.)

Number of Scholarships

up to 60 scholarships per year


The maximum funding covers a period of 3 years.

Scholarship Value

Financing includes a base amount 1,500 EUR per month over a period of 3 years at most. Moreover, there is a fixed allowance of 210 EUR per month for material expenses; further contributions to material expenses are paid in exceptional cases. Fellows with children are granted additional support, if necessary.

Application Papers

Please find the application forms and further information on the application procedure here.

Application Deadline

Here you will find the relevant application deadlines.

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