You are planning to apply for a DAAD scholarship, but your language certificate is more than 2 years old? No problem!

Take az Onset test!

Let’s see how it works!

  1. Register at!
  2. Choose a date and a test center!
  3. Get in contact with the test center in order to get a TAN number. With this number you can already book your test date.
  4. Do the sample test to know how it works.
  5. Go to the test center to write your OnSet test (50 minutes).
  6. You get your results immediately after you have finished.
  7. Apply for the DAAD scholarship with your Onset results!

You can take the Onset test both in English and German!

ATTENTION! The Onset test is just a placement test, which classifies your language skills. This is not a language exam! Please take good care to aquire the requested language exam for the university application procedure!