The Falling Walls Lab is an international forum for the next generation of early-career innovators, trailblazers, creators, and visionaries. Its aim is to promote exceptional ideas and connect promising scientists and entrepreneurs from all fields on a global level.

Participants are given the opportunity to participate in a pitch competition and present their research, business model, or initiative to peers, a high-calibre jury of experts from academia and business, and the general public.

The breakthrough factor and potential impact of the presented work help determine the winner, who qualifies for the global Finale in Berlin on 7 November and wins a ticket to attend the Falling Walls Conference. During their multi-day stay in Berlin, the 100 finalists take part in a broad extended program that includes a coaching session and networking dinner, expert workshops on a broad range of topics such as career development, entrepreneurial skills, and academic publishing, and events hosted by prestigious German research organizations. At the Finale, the 100 Finalists compete to become the Breakthrough Winner in the Emerging Talents category of Falling Walls, taking home the title and prize money, and receiving the opportunity to pitch their idea once again on the grand stage of the Falling Walls Conference.

On the 8th of September, we provide you with the opportunity to pitch your idea at an independently organized event in Budapest in front of an interdisciplinary jury. At the end of the event you will have the possibility to get involved in exciting discussions and network with fellow innovators and experts from different disciplines.

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